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Have You Been Searching for Tulsa, OK Window Repair, Replacement or Installation?

Energy prices just keep going up and up with no end in sight, and while windows can be one of the most beautiful features of a home, they can also be the greatest source of energy loss. Energy wasted means dollars, literally, going out the window, and it has been estimated that energy inefficient windows cost this country approximately $35 billion each year. At Roper Remodeling & Installations, LLC (RRI) we have years of experience in Tulsa, Oklahoma window repair or replacement, and we’d be happy to schedule a no-cost or obligation consultation and estimate on the installation, repair or replacement of your Tulsa windows (we can also answer all your questions about window shutters in Tulsa).

Today’s Tulsa Windows Are Not Your Father’s Windows

Today’s window technology is far advanced from that used in the older windows you now have in your home. Window technology? How complicated can a window be? Wouldn’t window repair in Tulsa, OK be less expensive than the installation of new windows? First of all, window technology focuses primarily on one thing: energy efficiency, which means, in most cases, window repair can’t achieve the heating/cooling energy efficiency (dollars saved) and other features in today’s most advanced windows that offer:

  • Triple Pane and Argon Gas Filled Glazing - For the ultimate in energy savings, nearly all window manufacturers offer the option of three panes of glass with compressed argon gas between the panes. While single pane windows offer you an R-value of less than 1, triple pane, gas filled glazing has achieved an astounding R-value of up to 11. We also want you to know that we install interior window blinds in Tulsa homes and businesses – interior blinds that can further reduce energy loss.

  • Zero Air Infiltration - Today’s windows are virtually airtight. Cold drafts that cause your thermostat to drop and the boiler to fire up are a thing of the past. Today’s Tulsa windows, when it comes to lowering your heating and cooling bills, help to pay for themselves 24 hours a day.

  • EZ-Tilt Windows for Easy Cleaning - No more need for a step ladder or extension ladder to clean the outside of your windows, not when you choose an EZ tilt option. An EZ tilt window sash effortlessly tilts inside your home for fast and easy cleaning of the exterior glass. Unfortunately, Tulsa window repair will never be able to offer you this advanced time and work saving option.

  • Low-E Glazing - If you’re considering whole house window installation or replacement in Tulsa, insist on what is known as Low-e glazing. Low-e glass is specially coated to prevent the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays from entering your home. These rays are what cause the fading of flooring and furnishings.


Tulsa General Contractor Company
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Talk to a Tulsa Window Replacement, Repair or Installation Expert at RRI

Will there ever be a better time to stop throwing your hard-earned energy dollars out the window? From shutters to window blinds to window replacement or repair, contact RRI and discover a company that offers outstanding craftsmanship and top quality products for a cost-competitive price you can afford. We look forward to meeting you and putting those wasted energy dollars back in your pocket!



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