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When Your Project Calls For an Architect in Tulsa, RRI Has the Design Services You Need

At Roper Remodeling & Installations, LLC (RRI), we do everything from small home repairs to major home makeover and renovation projects. Our company is founded on the premise and the promise that, ‘if it’s worth building, it’s worth building right,’ and getting it right the first time usually requires the skills of a talented architect in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tulsa General Contractor Company

Consult One Of Our Architects To Design Or Remodel The

Project Of Your Dreams!

Anytime structural or other major changes are made to an existing building (your home), one of our many highly trained architects should be consulted. From the addition of a bedroom to a new second story, there are countless details to be considered and translated into precise drawings before the construction can actually begin. At RRI, we’re new construction and remodeling experts who work with leading Tulsa architects, one of whom will be just right for the design of your project. Consider what our architects have to offer:

  • Structural Integrity - In this part of the country, we build for high wind conditions (for example), a practice that just makes good sense and requires numerous construction specifications best supplied by a licensed architect in Tulsa.

  • Wood Entry Doors - When the rich beauty of wood is selected, great care must be taken to ensure that the finished, precision hung entry door is thoroughly sealed against moisture loss or gain, either of which can cause a wood entry door to operate improperly. Our door experts know that a wood door presents the greatest challenge of achieving years-long, optimal door operation, which is why we use only our most experienced craftsmen on every door repair or installation we do.

  • Functionality - Most of us take for granted that a door swings the right way for easiest use and operation or a window is located perfectly for the convenient location of furniture, etc. This is no accident. Buildings and floor plans that optimize beauty, functionality, and provide a pleasing environment for its inhabitants are typically the result of the efforts of our Tulsa, OK architects – design professionals we can bring to you.

  • Overall Economy - To minimize waste, our architects design buildings using specific dimensions to take advantage of standard building materials sizes. A Tulsa architect will also design a structure to maximize construction efficiency (areas that require plumbing are located adjacently for example), thereby lowering overall constructions costs.

We also work with leading landscape architects in Tulsa, which means we offer our clients convenient, one stop shopping design/build services.

Tulsa General Contractor Company

RRI is a Better Business Bureau accredited home remodeling and construction company that has, over the years, built an outstanding reputation for construction excellence one satisfied client at a time. RRI’s founder, National Association of Home Builders member Stan Roper, built his business on the simple premise of providing nothing less than superior construction services, and when it comes to major alterations of your home, exceptional results begin with one of the many Tulsa, Oklahoma architects you can choose from.

Just as you’ll need a talented and creative landscape architect in Tulsa to give your interior and exterior home makeover a truly professional look, a licensed building architect will be required to provide detailed construction plans. Best of all, today’s architects have computer software that can give you a full color, virtual tour of your new


construction before any ground is broken, and the landscape architects in Tulsa can do the same. today the day you decide to contact RRI for a no-cost or obligation consultation on all your design/build needs. We look forward to adding your name to our long list of truly satisfied client/friends who discovered a general contractor who still takes pride in a job well done. Let us take pride in yours!



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